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A Not-Too-Good Little Mermaid Update [Sep. 2nd, 2007|11:03 pm]
Disney On Broadway


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I've been forgetting to post these blog posts about the Little Mermaid musical workshop in Denver, and it's not looking pretty..

First up (pointed from the disney blog), there looks to be a battle between classic family smash movie and classic comedy hit movie on Broadway this year.
The contenders: Little Mermaid and Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein.

As 'Anim8ed' said, it's two large Broadway musicals with huge sets, casts, budgets..

And it really will be a sight to see who will be getting the Tony's this time around..

personally, I cannot wait for both: I loved the original Young Frankenstien movie and Mel Brooks proved himself capable of doing Broadway with The Producers, who completely sweeped the Tony's that year..
Little Mermaid, on the other hand: It's a classic, what more to say..

well, Here's more to say, straight from Variety (with thanks from my disney mania):

"Then there are Tsypin's bizarrely alienating Plexiglass stage-scapes, overhung by giant disks that look like Christmas decorations but serve as the sun, the moon, a chandelier that could be an alien spacecraft and some unidentifiable marine orb. All this visual incoherence, plus some not always useful elaboration of a simple, disarming storyline, make what should have been a slam-dunk for stage presentation a waterlogged misstep."

Doesn't sound too good..
And looking back at those pictures from Anim8ed's post doesn't seem like the best of sets..

though, I hear Disney might be doing some major overhaul on the show or something, but they better crunch on it!
It's not too long until opening night on Broadway now, is it?

That's all for now for the Little Mermaid news, and let's just hope the best for the show..