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Hi! I'm new here! [Nov. 10th, 2011|02:37 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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Aloha everyone! I just joined this community! I LOVE Disney broadway! I have Lion King's Broadway soundtrack as well as Beauty and the Beasts and Mary Poppins! I wanna see Mary Poppins on Broadway so badly! I LOVE how they changed Supercal for the show and I LOVE Practically Perfect! I hope to get to know everyone here.
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Hi! I'm new! [Oct. 22nd, 2008|09:18 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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Hi! My name is Lauena. That's Hawaiian for Lauren. Lauren is my name, but I prefer the Hawaiian spelling. Anyway, I joined this community because I love Disney broadway plays! My favorites are Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. I practically have the soundtracks for both of the. I have the soundtrack for Beauty and the Beast on Broadway as well as most of the songs for Lion King on broadway. I can't wait to get to know more Disney broadway fans! My other favorite Disney movies are TLM, Pocahontas, Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, The Rescuers, Lilo and Stitch, Jungle Book 2, Ariel's Beginning, Aristocats and a lot of others!
I can't wait to get to know everyone here!
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Little Mermaid Costuming [Jan. 15th, 2008|12:16 pm]
Disney On Broadway

So I don't know how many people have seen pictures from The Little Mermaid:


Now I haven't heard the cast recording yet, so I can't make any judgments on the cast or the new songs, but the costuming seems a little too predictable (if that makes sense). They turned Ursula's tentacles into a hoopskirt... In the movie, I always felt her tentacles reminded me of a slightly sleazy looking nightclub gown that she may have looked good in in her younger days, but that just adds to her slinky creepy attitude, almost like a washed up vaudeville singer/dancer. Wow, that was really lengthy...

I just feel that they made it too symmetrical. But I may be biased as Ursula was always my favorite villain because she so obviously had a past and it was easy to see she was bitter because of something that happened to her in the past and that, had things gone differently, she wouldn't have become a witch. But now that she's the way she is, she revels in it and enjoys what's she's doing.

Ok that was a lot of talking; I'll go now...

and discuss!
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A Quick Update [Jan. 14th, 2008|10:34 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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Hey everyone!

I know I, or anyone else, hasn't posted on this community for quite a while, and I have to tell you, quite a bit has happened since that time.

First, there's the scattered talks about The Little mermaid.

Sorry this edition of this quick update has no links and is very much casual, but just trust me in that the show is... So-so...

Some praise it to have gained it's legs, but quite a bit of others are saying that it's flopping around like a fish out of water.

I believe even one mentioned that it's just as bad as Tarzan, which was horrible in the eyes of the critics. (so bad it closed...)

Personally, I wouldn't know. I, like most people, would reserve judgment once I see it, which will most likely be a real long time.

Anyone out there actually seen it yet?

Then, there's more news surfacing about the Toy Story musical.

Essentially, this will replace the Hercules - A MUSE-ical Comedy (which i should add to the community tags) on the Disney Cruise Lines.

Which means I'll also wont be watching this show live any time soon. Then most likely live off YouTube videos, like Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom.

But so far, as the 2nd Pixar flick-turned-musical, it seems to be going along well. I'll do a post tomorrow of several picked YouTube vids, and a special look at a rehearsal of "TSM".

That's all for Disney Musical news in general, but now, I want to talk about the community.

I do plan to put posts about the community in those big, advertise-your-community communities soon, but if you have any ideas on what to do or say, or any graphics you want to add to the community promotion, post them here in this post's comments.

Speaking of which, if you have ideas on what to add or graphics to say on the community information page, or the layout (or completely overhaul the community layout), you can also post suggestions here.

And any other suggestions for the community would help as well, like guidlines, suggest tags...
why, I'm open to look for any candidate(s) to also help manage to community.

well, It's getting late where I am at the time of this posting, and I hope to elaborate a bit more in the future with links and videos.

Until then, thanks for reading now, and have a magical day!
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A Not-Too-Good Little Mermaid Update [Sep. 2nd, 2007|11:03 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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I've been forgetting to post these blog posts about the Little Mermaid musical workshop in Denver, and it's not looking pretty..

First up (pointed from the disney blog), there looks to be a battle between classic family smash movie and classic comedy hit movie on Broadway this year.
The contenders: Little Mermaid and Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein.

As 'Anim8ed' said, it's two large Broadway musicals with huge sets, casts, budgets..

And it really will be a sight to see who will be getting the Tony's this time around..

personally, I cannot wait for both: I loved the original Young Frankenstien movie and Mel Brooks proved himself capable of doing Broadway with The Producers, who completely sweeped the Tony's that year..
Little Mermaid, on the other hand: It's a classic, what more to say..

well, Here's more to say, straight from Variety (with thanks from my disney mania):

"Then there are Tsypin's bizarrely alienating Plexiglass stage-scapes, overhung by giant disks that look like Christmas decorations but serve as the sun, the moon, a chandelier that could be an alien spacecraft and some unidentifiable marine orb. All this visual incoherence, plus some not always useful elaboration of a simple, disarming storyline, make what should have been a slam-dunk for stage presentation a waterlogged misstep."

Doesn't sound too good..
And looking back at those pictures from Anim8ed's post doesn't seem like the best of sets..

though, I hear Disney might be doing some major overhaul on the show or something, but they better crunch on it!
It's not too long until opening night on Broadway now, is it?

That's all for now for the Little Mermaid news, and let's just hope the best for the show..
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Finding Nemo: The Musical Full Video [Sep. 2nd, 2007|10:39 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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Now that Animal Kingdom is freeing up a bit and allowing guests to take photos and video much like Aladdin here on the West Coast, more and more videos are springing up from Finding Nemo: The Musical..

For some fun snippets from the 'NemoScreamers' (named by the cast members in the park due to their shrieks after each number), see their YouTube Channel..

But if you want to see the show in it's entirety, you're in luck:
MouseTimes has just uploaded a full video in nice quality..

Just note that you'll need a quick and free account to download it..

Once you got it, I have a couple nit-picks about this specific showing that just has to be mentioned.. Because it may spoil it, I'm placing them under this LJ Cut below..

That's all for now! And remember!
Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...
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My Review of BATB on the 24th [Aug. 2nd, 2007|10:42 pm]
Disney On Broadway

[Tags|, ]

I went and saw Beauty and the Beast on Broadway on Tuesday. The show itself was great, the cast, well...let me explainCollapse )
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Tale As Old As Time [Jul. 29th, 2007|08:19 am]
Disney On Broadway

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Today's the day, and I didn't quite deliver on constant BatB updates as promised..

then again, I didn't notice much a-new about the show, anyways..
probably should dig deeper..

What I'll most likely do is post one, big, overview post, if there's multiple little things to post about the final show..

anyways, the wonderful people at BroadwayWorld.Com has a great exclusive video going over BatB's past..

And let's hope some pictures, or even better, a video, pops up tonight from the final bow..
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Just Another Day [Jul. 27th, 2007|11:14 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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It's Official:
Just one more day until Beauty and the Beast kicks the bucket on Broadway..

well, In New York.. It's still Friday the 27th here on the other side of the country..

so, This whole weekend could best be called "The Beauty And The Beast Weekend", since I'll be doing some on-going coverage of the show, giving you news, updates, and some fun facts along the way.

To kick things off, here's a fun look at the show and it's past via photos from a cast member. (once agian provided by thedisneyblog)

though, I think this one image will sum up everything this weekend:

Stay Tuned..
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In The Big Blue World [Jul. 27th, 2007|07:19 pm]
Disney On Broadway

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well, If you're in Denver, you're lucky, 'cause The Little Mermaid has just landed..

I feel rather lazy at the moment, and still reading through all this, so here's the fantastic TheDisneyBlog.Com:

"So, The Little Mermaid opened its workshop run in Denver last night. Since many changes are expected as the show develops, critics aren't allowed to review the show until late August. But that doesn't mean the regular paying guest can't contribute their opinions. Reviews from the paying crowd are mixed, but generally positive considering this was the first show of a seven week experimental period.

I'm not going to put any spoilers here, but if you want more details read the comments at this Denver Post article or check out this Inside the Magic discussion. It looks like there is still plenty of work to be done, but it's already better received than Tarzan."

The Disney Blog
also directs us to an interesting story on how Disney Theatrical learned to accept  "High School Musical"..


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